Visual network optimization


VINEOPT is a program for visualization and optimization of graph and network flow problems. It is mainly a graphical interface with possibilities to run various optimization codes.

Its main function is to visualize the graph, and enable changing of problem data. Data can be read from file and saved to file. New networks can be created from scratch. Solutions can be visualized in the graph, and numerical data (costs, capacities etc) and solutions (flow, node prices etc) displayed, either in the graph or in tables.


VINEOPT can be coupled to many solvers for different optimization problems. Below is a list of possibilities that have been utilized.

  • The minimal cost network flow problem.
  • The maximal flow problem.
  • The shortest path problem.
  • Shortest paths between all pairs of nodes.
  • The minimal spanning tree problem.
  • Minimal cost 1-tree.
  • Finding strongly connected components.
  • The maximal weighted matching problem.
  • The minimal weighted perfect matching problem.
  • The Chinese postman problem.
  • The rural postman problem.
  • The traveling salesman problem.
  • The traveling salesman problem with repetition.
  • The multicommodity network flow problem.
  • The uncapacitated network design problem.
  • The capacitated network design problem.
  • OSPF network design, routing and weight setting.

VINEOPT has up to now mostly been used for academic use. Many of the optimization codes used are publically available and free for academic use. We especially mention the LP- and MIP-code lpsolve, the LP- and MIP-code glpsol, in the package GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit), and the excellent heuristic for the traveling salesman problem, LKH.

VINEOPT exists in several versions:

  1. A student version used at Linköping University, with limited optimization capabilities, limited network sizes and reduced menus.
  2. A better student version used at Linköping University, aimed at OSM networks and node/link sets.
  3. A simplified student version used at Linköping University, without OSM support, to be used via SSH.
  4. A full academic version, used for research by Kaj Holmberg and collaborators.

Professional versions with specific optimization capabilities are possible. Such versions will be individually adapted. Use the contact address below.

Screenshots and examples (quite old)

A manual for the demo version (pdf) (quite old)