Visual network optimization

Vineopt and friends

VINEOPT is a program for visualization and optimization of graph and network flow problems. VILEOPT is a teaching tool that helps doing pivots in the simplex method. NILEOPT is a program for visualization and optimization of nonlinear optimization problems. The codes are used in university courses given at the Optimization Division of the Department of Mathematics at Linköping University. The main purpose is illustration, but VINEOPT and NILEOPT contains possibilities of running efficient optmization codes.

The main codes are written in Tcl/Tk by Kaj Holmberg, but the optimization codes are written in C and Python.

When VINEOPT and NILEOPT are used for academic use, they use optimization codes that are publically available and free for academic use. There are also several codes made by Kaj Holmberg.

New additions to the family are VIGEOPT, which is used for forming student groups, and VIKEOPT, which solves a weighted version of the k-Chinese postman problem. These codes are written in Python, using NumPy, SciPy and TkInter for graphics.