Networks extracted from OpenStreetMap

This page contains data for several networks that has been downloaded and extracted from OpenStreetMap data. The data covers some small cities around Linköping in Sweden, some slightly larger cities, some parts of cities and some counties. The main motivation behind the need for this data is snow removal, as described in the following articles, but the data can be used for many other purposes. Details about the extraction and reductions used can be found in the following articles. The files are placed in four directories, and there are four zip-files containing the files (click on them to download). The graphs are listed in the file allgraphs.txt. Information about the format is given in the file vineopt-format.txt.

A small example is given in the file (Priority is set to 1 for these instances.)

There are four basic reductions, r1, r2, r3 and r4. Two of them has also been made with only links suitable for cars, r2c and r4c. This notation is used in the file names. There are also versions with name ending in "-conn" where only the lagest connected component is kept.

A small utitly code in python is provided: For example, the command
python cities1/boxholm-r3
will read the data for graph cities1/boxholm-r3, and display it using networkX and matplotlib.

Last update 05-Feb-2020.
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Division of Optimization, Department of Mathematics, Linköping Institute of Technology, SE-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN.